Our creations reflect our lives, permeable to what surrounds us, to the changing world, rich with so many contradictions, colours and once intuitive, essential and which always asks us questions.

They have been yearned for long and hard in our spirits, coming into existence in our workshops in Kathmandu, in the hands of these wise artisanal women. In all forms, in multiple colours but always soft, they live through your glances, in your houses, in the heart of the family and the home.

And then one day, some of them cease to exist, to make room for a new idea, another shade, a different shape... And our lives are like this too, in this perpetual moment which oscilates between what we would like to be immuable and this desire for novelty.

This Autumn, and then this Winter, we wish for you to take all your time... to observe the change in seasons, to savour the present and to take pleasure in the song of the wind.


Pink and yellow chrysanthemum close up
Large tricolor rectangle rug in wool felt to structure the living room
Little boy from the back with a white felt crown on his head
Trio of green wool felt cushions placed at the head of the bed
White boiled wool lampshade for a warm decoration
Two-tone wool felt rectangle rug for the living room


Duo of green wool felt baskets placed on a table with pears
White round cushion with a handle placed on a chair
Sunrise in the countryside
Felt Mushroom Christmas Decorations Arranged on a Fir Branch
Little boy hugging a green wool felt cat cushion
Two-tone wool felt lampshade above the dining table
Large asymmetrical oval rug in green and pink felted wool
Stack of 5 boiled wool cushions on a bench
Large rectangular rug in green and blue felted wool for the living room
White star with yellow pompoms to hang in the Christmas tree
4 small vase covers in pink wool felt
Felt Mushroom Duo with Polka Dot Hat
Chair cushions in green, red and white wool felt
Sunrise in the countryside
Trio of two-tone green and pink wool felt baskets to store nicely
Little boy holding a felted wool pink crescent moon cushion
Rectangular yellow and pink rug in boiled wool for the living room
Little boy sitting in a high green wool felt basket with bunny ears
Christmas table with decorative wool felt accessories
Duo of small pink rugs in boiled wool
Trio of green, red and white flat pendant lights for the kitchen
Trio of round red wool felt rugs for the kitchen