There, in our rugs, our storage baskets or our lampshades,
is all the delicacy and intelligence of the hand of the artisan,
the authenticity of their expertise, the softness of the wool and all the poetry that is contained there.


"Our treasure is in the hands of each
of our nepalese craftmen"

In this Himalayan kingdom, one lives in the present moment, with simplicity and joy.

Spirituality suffuses each action and gesture,

and a myriad of colours nuances and beautifies the day-to-day.

This harmony laid claim to the hearts of Valérie and Thierry Billot.

The discovery of traditional Nepalese savoir-faire

in the working of felt inspired the creation of MUSKHANE.

Their brand offers decorative objects

composed exclusively of this natural, renewable material.

The entire line is completely hand-made, locally.


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