The essentials for taking care of felt

We advise you to vacuum your rug regularly, taking care to remove the brush. When the rug is new, you have to vacuum it up more often during the first three or four weeks in order to eliminate the excess wool related to its manufacture. From time to time, you can also vacuum any other felt object, if you feel it is necessary.
In the case of frequent passage or friction, small bales of wool may form. Remove them by gently pulling them aside (never from bottom to top!). For the more resistant, use a pair of scissors and trim at the base.
To revive the colours or remove dirt on the surface, use white vinegar by applying it with a sprayer and a damp sponge. It is also a good way to keep moths away even if felt is not their priority!

To remodel a felt object or remove the folds, for example on receipt of your order, and restore it to its original shape, use the steam of an iron or a steamer to release the fibers. The felt does not fear the heat of the steam, you will not damage it.
bloom circle
bloom circle

Specific care for felt

Felt, also known as boiled wool or felted wool, is a natural material that is washable and easy to care for.

To clean a simple stain on felt, Marseille soap and black soap are the perfect products to use. Shampoo the stained surface with the soap and then rinse with plenty of water. Remove excess water by simply pressing, do not wring out by twisting the product.

This method also allows the wool to be felted again when it is too much pilling because of the different passages and friction on the material.

If a liquid is accidentally spilled on the felt, immediately mop with a cloth. If there are any remaining marks, use the above method, but felt is a water repellent, so you have a good chance of avoiding this step !!

For a sticky stain such as a candle, modelling clay or other material on felted wool, place a paper towel or blotting paper on the spot, then heat with an iron to gather the substance. In case of resistance to stain, rub with a cloth soaked in vinegar water.

In the case of a grease stain, the crushed chalk, when mixed with water, absorbs grease stains on rugs or other felt surfaces with great efficiency.
If you spill tea on felt, especially if it is clear..., use a mixture with half a lemon and bicarbonate that you pour on a cloth to clean.

If your cat has unfortunately urinated on your felt rug, sparkling water, can fight the stain and its smell. Allow the gas to work until the stain is brought to the surface, sponge and soap with Marseille soap or black soap if necessary.

If you'd like to fully wash your product with water, you can. In this case, wash in cold water, 0°C and Marseille soap. Just like a wool or cashmere sweater. Dry flat, then iron or steamer to regain its original shape. For very large pieces, we advise you to prefer fine weather for better drying.