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Valerie's favorites

For each collection, our artistic director Valérie offers you a selection of her 7 current favorites. Whether it's eco-design from our HOME collection, or style from our FASHION collection, each article represents the values and ethics of the MUSKHANE brand.


The Realization of the Self 

The chakati

For MUSKHANE, the realization of the Self is a personal quest; the lifelong search for harmony.

Valérie loves the chakati,

• on the floor as a meditation cushion, or placed on a bench or chair for a bit of added comfort, it lends itself to many different uses.

• She loves to pile several together, and scatter them here and there as occasional seating when the house is full of friends and family.



Lumbini rug

At MUSKHANE, optimism is a state of mind that lets us turn our inspiration into a thousand and one initiatives.

Valérie loves the Lumbini rug,

• it's an invitation to smile! By mixing and matching different options and sizes, celebrate color and softness in every room of your house. 

• Ideal as a play-mat for baby, or for bigger kids who can line up their toys and mark their territory.



The travel blanket

For MUSKHANE, escaping means knowing how to be present with where we are now, and to touch base with what's essential.

Valérie loves the travel blanket,

• to wrap yourself up in cashmere and cuddle up to that special someone... that's pretty close to perfection!

• As a gift that's sure to please.



Warmth and


Cosy stole

For MUSKHANE, real well-being springs from knowing what's good for you. Taking care of yourself, and breathing in joie de vivre.

Valérie loves the cosy stole,

• cosy and soft around your neck you will forget winter.

• Always in your bag, it will follow you on all your adventures.




Cosy tricolor fingerless gloves

At MUSKHANE, elegance is authenticity!

Valérie loves the cosy tricolor fingerless gloves,

• You'll wear them as a second skin, whether dressed up or dressed down...

• and you'll love to play with color combination.




The leaf

At MUSKHANE, sharing means that everyone here feels part of the whole. Each individual is an important part of our story, and gives the best of themselves.

Valérie loves the leaves,

• and spread them randomly on the table, or beneath the guest's plates

• or, under a beautiful vase, fullfill with flowers and branches...



The bubble garland

For MUSKHANE, respect is the value that we keep closest to our hearts when establishing relationships with our team, suppliers and clients. They are why we're here in the first place.

Valérie loves the bubble garland,

• a simple one hung near a window, nudged here and there by a soft breeze, is pure poetry

• or, a multitude of garlands hung together is a beautiful way to define a space and create a special, secret corner...