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MUSKHANE presents a line of clothing and homeware inspired by the energy of Nepal, entirely handmade in a palette of rich and vibrant colors. For the home, a collection in felted wool brings softness and good cheer, where clean lines and high design meet fun and whimsy. Against the skin, our extra fine-knit, 100% cashmere is incredibly soft and inviting.







MUSKHANE was born in Nepal in 2003. In this Himalayan kingdom, one lives in the present moment, with simplicity and joy. Spirituality suffuses each action and gesture, and a myriad of colours nuances and beautifies the day-to-day.

This harmony laid claim to the hearts of Valérie and Thierry Billot. The discovery of traditional Nepalese savoir-faire in the working of felt and cashmere inspired the creation of MUSKHANE. Their brand offers clothing and decorative objects composed exclusively of these natural, renewable materials. The entire line is completely hand-made, locally.

Valérie and Thierry are guided by their desire to promote durable, sustainable production and to continue on this meaningful adventure with the Nepalese artisans they have come to know and work with so closely. These convictions have created ties of respect and trust among the entire chain of production, as well as promoting the value and ensuring the endurance of traditional, artisanal Himalayan craft. MUSKHANE’s customers can feel good about the fact that every item we offer has been fabricated with the utmost attention and to the highest possible standards.

MUSKHANE is Nepalese for smile.






MUSKHANE’s products are hand-made in the workshops of the Katmandu Valley. They are composed entirely of natural, renewable materials -principally felted wool and cashmere- with stitching in sturdy cotton.

The working of these natural fibres is the special expertise of Nepalese artisans. Their handicraft continues to evolve technically, thanks to creative innovations and quality controls introduced by the brand.

Valérie trained in the working of felted wool and cashmere in these ateliers, and makes regular trips to the workshops in order to create prototypes and to test the functionality of the objects that she designs in duo with Emma Nivet.

The quality of the wools, the strict attention to detail, and the care that goes into each of MUSKHANE’s products bring forth our line of unique objects, infused with softness and harmony.






MUSKHANE’s emblematic material, felted wool, is also known as boiled wool. Since the 7th century BC, the shepherds of Central Asia have used it to create coats, hats, rugs, and tapestries, as well as water-resistant coverings for the roofs of their yurts.

Its fabrication is entirely artisanal. Beginning with carded wool, soap, and water, a long process of pressure and friction brings about the interlacing of the wool’s fibres.

The result is a supremely soft fabric, extremely weather-resistant and sound-insulating. Felted wool also boasts hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mite-resistant properties, without emitting any harmful substances.





The high quality luxury fibre of cashmere is MUSKHANE’s other favourite resource, sourced from the wool of the Capra Hisca goat which lives in the high mountain regions of the Himalayas and on the frigid plains of Mongolia.

When we choose to wear cashmere, we offer ourselves a bit of true luxury. The downy texture of cashmere is simply without parallel, and the reassuring warmth it brings stands likewise without equal. The exceptional character of cashmere has earned it the name of “diamond fibre”.

MUSKHANE produces its cashmere in an workshop equipped with manual knitting machines, which consume no energy. The Nepalese artisans work this fibre from threads both fine and thick, in close-knit or open weave, to give life to Valérie’s designs.






Respect for employees and partners, respect of the environment, respect for our customers. Respect is the conviction by which we operate every day, and the value which guides us always.

MUSKHANE is a socially and environmentally engaged brand. We strive to leave a minimal footprint on the environment whilst making a positive impact on the lives of our partners through fair-trade and sustainable commerce.

It is this optimism and this engagement which we hope to share with our clients, by offering ecologically-minded products, sustainably produced.