• Rectangular rugs

Quartz pink - Aubergine

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Rectangular rug 100% felt

The HIMAL rug, which means “mountain" in Nepalese, inspires us to travel and contemplate. Its colourful abstract forms take us on a journey through the beautiful Himalayan lands. Handmade in Nepal, the harmonies of soft and soothing colours will add a quintessentially decorative touch to your home.

The +: Fixed on a wall, like a painter’s masterpiece, the HIMAL rug will be as majestic when used as a wall hanging.

  • Quartz pink - Aubergine
  • Tender green - Mineral green
  • Cumulus - Mangrove
Size : 160 x 200 cm
Our craftsmen are manufacturing this product, order it now and you will receive it in the middle of April.

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